Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year

Wow, it has been three and a half years since I arrived in Kosovo, fresh-faced and ready for an adventure.  Some days it feels as if I just arrived but most, I feel like I have been here for a very long Kosovo is my home.  I remember people laughing when I said that I was going home when returning to Kosovo but it is true.  Kosovo is where I have made a small one-bedroom flat a home for myself.  I have pictures of my family decorating my dressers, a loving dog greeting me when I get home from work, and a landlord's family that treats me as if I am part of theirs.  My friends joke that I'm going to be given a golden UNMIK Travel Document (the UNMIK Passport) for all the time I've spent here.
There are a few new things in my life...

I recently took over as Head of the Staff Recreation Committee (SRC) Movie Sub-Committee...both "jobs" done voluntarily.  About a week after taking over that committee, I was asked to do a rush sign-over of the SRC Sports Sub-Committee.  So now, I am overseeing the two UNMIK gyms as well as the Pristina Movie Cinema.  But now I have more incentive to go to the gym which I always say I will go to starting on Monday :)  It also gives me some non-stress time on the computer and a new challenge to focus on as my work slows down.

I also am involved recently in fundraising for the victims of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia.  A group of staff from UNMIK are taking donations that will be given to UNICEF.  I created a couple funny little see-thru boxes from my Christmas ornaments for the gyms and movie theater...I guess it is better than nothing.  I hope that the boxes will fill-up quickly.  We are scheduled to make a collective donation to UNICEF on the 25th of January from UNMIK.  Then in February, there probably will be two concerts in which any donations will go to the Tsunami survivors.

I also am enrolled at the University of Phoenix Online for my Masters degree in Management Information Systems.  I estimate that it will take me about one and half years to complete my degree.  I'm excited to get started with the courses and happy that with today's technology, even though I am far away from home, I can continue my education with a US-based school.