Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Delightful Night in Zvecan

Last night, I went up to Zvecan with a group of friends to a private restaurant near the cultural center and the famous "Ex Punto" nightclub.  We sat and drank raki and domestic wine for about an hour and then the feast was laid out on the table before us.  We started with appetizers of tarator salad, grilled green peppers, salted anchovies, tomatoes, homemade hard & soft cheese, homemade bread, and fresh vegetables.  About half an hour later, the next course arrived with a huge bowl of roast pork and potatoes, a platter of cooked sausages with beans and tomatoes, and finally a huge dish of moussakas (musakka).  Dinner lasted several hours between drinks, appetizers, and the main course and we were completely stuffed by the end of the night! 
The restaurant we went to was special in that you cannot just arrive and eat.  You have to call in advance and order the food.  There is no menu but I have a feeling no matter what they prepare, you won't leave unsatisfied.  We were all amazed as well when we received the bill for all the food and drinks.  Less than 10 euros a person for a true king's feast!