Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rainy Spring Days

It has been an awful, rainy spring this year.  Compared to the previous four springs that I've been in Kosovo, I've never seen the cold and rain linger for so long.  It has been raining almost daily for at least the past three weeks.  The road in front of my house is like a rollercoaster.  You have to zigzag all over the place to avoid popping your tires in the mammoth car-eating sized potholes.  It is very obvious where the road re-pavement project ended in the Albanian village of Hajvali outside of Gracanica and where the old pavement begins.  There is a remarkable difference in the quality and I would say goes to show that there has been a bit of discrimination in public services.
There was a good article in the Baltimore Sun about how the international community has blotched up the intervention in Kosovo.  A solution to the problems does not seem like a very easy one.  I hold no envy for the international mediators of the status talks!