Friday, November 3, 2006

Self Determination Group in Macedonia?

Posters from the Kurti's Self-Determination group have turned up on the windows of shops in Macedonia.  One would ask the question as to why the group that pushing for a referendum in Kosovo for independence would hang up signs in Macedonia?! The signs urge the boycott of Serbian products stating that the money made by companies is used to finance the army and police...which I guess leads on to the argument that the army and police abuse the citizens and continue from there.  Of course the Serbian police and army haven't been in Kosovo for the past seven years...but we won't go there :)
Looking back, I noticed that I forgot to mention the Self-Determination group's protest last Friday where they threw bags of ink over the UN fence at vehicles and left a toilet with a bow around it in front of the main gate.  The group also distributed anti-UNMIK, anti-1244, and anti-decentralization pamphlets that littered the street near the Kukri/Phoenix bar.  There was only about 50 people at this demonstration...I'm not sure if the group is losing interest or if the demonstrations are losing strength due to crackdowns by the KPS.