Thursday, November 2, 2006

Winter Comes to Kosovo!

Old man winter has arrived in Kosovo.  This morning Smokey and I were greeted with big fluffy flakes of snow when we went outside for our morning walk.  It has continued to snow for the past several hours but it is so wet that none of it is sticking yet.  A white Kosovo is one of the most beautiful places because everything (trash, mud, dirt, everything) is covered with a bright white blanket of snow.  Then it is all ruined when traffic and people turn the pristine snow into a muddy slush that seems to follow you no matter where you go! 
So far the power has been pretty good.  I can't remember any power outages in the past two nights when the temperatures dropped down into the freezing zone...get the window scrappers out!  KEK says that the power is supposed to be 4:2 in A-areas but maybe the power consumption is not as high as anticipated.  I still feel the pain of those who live in C-areas that are still only with 1:5 (translates into 4 hours of power a DAY!)