Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back to Normal

Things are back to normal...mostly.  A lot of the shops were still closed this morning for some reason.  Yesterday afternoon was filled with excitement in Pristina, but elsewhere in Kosovo, Albanians celebrated Flag Day without incident.  A reported 10,000 Albanians gathered in Skenderaj to celebrate without any incidents reported.  There were other smaller celebrations around Kosovo. 
The worst event of a Flag Day past since the end of the conflict was in 1999 when two Serbs were killed by a crowd in Dardania.  A Serbian woman living in Ulpiana fell sick and the sister and husband wanted to take her to the Russian hospital in FKP.  They decided to drive through Dardania but were blocked by a huge mob of celebrating Albanians.  The mob dragged the trio out of the car and killed the sick woman and the husband.  The man received more than 30 gunshot wounds during the incident.  After dragging the trio out of the car, the mob turned over the vehicle (which carried old Serbian PR plates) and set it on fire.  KFOR was unable to quickly reach the scene due to the large number of people in the mob and is probably why the incident it turned deadly.

There was an interesting article called Kosovo: Calm Now, But Nervously Approaching Final Status.  It is a good read and surprisingly, I think the author has actually been to Pristina although he did get it's Bill Clinton Boulevard...much more pleasing to the ear!