Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kosovo to be Independent By Summer?

Deputy special envoy to Kosovo, Albert Rohan, has been quoted as saying that Kosovo will probably be independent by summer.  Rohan stated that he believed that the Security Council would vote on a resolution by the end of May and that the plan Ahtisaari proposed "has no alternative".  He also warned that while the situation is currently stable in Kosovo, that it was volatile enough that any incident could result in more widespread violence.  Rohan said that this could create "negative press" for the Kosovo Albanians.  Which especially makes sense if there is violence against minorities in my (humble) opinion.  The threats of violence if Albanians do not achieve independence is not anything new but it does make one wonder if all the support for independence is just to pacify the Albanians so there is not a repeat of 2004???  And is it because the international community doesn't have to face the fact that they may not have everything under control as they believe they do?  Hmmm, it does make one wonder if things are as good as politicians say they are!
In Glogovac, around 200 former workers who were protesting the privatization of their company (Ferronickel) were able to negotiate with the managers and make a settlement where some would be re-employed.  The former employees protested for two days, blocking workers from entering the workplace yesterday.  Fortunately the issue was settled through negotiation and no incidents were reported.

Today's unusual Kosovo news is that a man reported that he was stopped by two people wearing KPS uniforms.  The unknown "officers" stopped his vehicle, robbed him, and threatened to kill him if he reported the incident to the police.  Ouch...

1300 CET:  Well, after reporting that things were quiet yesterday, Vetevendosje struck out at the UN again today.  Activists went downtown and spray-painted more vehicles.  I've heard that one of the vehicles that was sprayed in the last week actually belonged to the SRSG's protection team.   I'm just wondering how many of the activists participating today were from the group that are serving suspended sentences?