Friday, April 6, 2007

Off to Greece!

It's Easter weekend and the perfect time to open up the Greek-end (hehe, get it?!) trips to Paralia, Katerini!  In just about six hours, you are on the beach, kicking back and relaxing :)  The water will still be a bit cold at this time of year so we plan on heading to Thessalonica for a bit of shopping on Saturday afternoon.  I'll update my travel log when I get back with the details of the fun!
Yesterday, the Kosovo parliament overwhelmingly (100-1, 19 absent) voted to support Ahtisaari's proposal.  In addition to putting their support, Kosovo politicians pledged to "fully implement" the package should the Security Council approve it and welcomed the civilian and security personnel that would be created as part of the package.

Meanwhile, Balkan Investigative Report Network published two articles on how the EU must be accountable when they take over the mission and how Ahtisaari's plan has taken the steam out of Vetevendosje's protests.

And the Supreme Court in Serbia has upheld a 13-year sentence for KLA fighter Anton Lekaj who was found guilty of torture and rape during the 1998-1999 war.  Lekaj's defense team was trying to appeal to have him sent back to Kosovo.  Lekaj and a group of Albanians attacked a wedding party of Romas and took 11 hostages as the Serb forces were retreating in June 1999.  They raped one girl and sexually abused a man before executing four of the hostages.  Most war crimes trials are out of the jurisdiction of Serbia and held in the Hague however Lekaj was arrested in 2004 while stealing cars in Montenegro and extradited to Belgrade to face charges.