Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rugova's Ex-Security Chief Arrested

The security chief of late President Rugova has been arrested on tax evasion charges.  Rame Muraj was reportedly running an intelligence service for the late president and had his NGO shut-down in 2006.  Muraj has had a low profile for the past year and been working as a newspaper publisher. 
The Security Council has officially approved a fact-finding mission to assess Kosovo's future.  In addition, the mission will review progress in Kosovo since 1999, possibly reviewing the implementation of SC Resolution 1244, something that some politicians say has been violated since day one of the mission.  The point that is largely argued is that the resolution states that Kosovo is a part of Serbia and diplomats have been upset by the Ahtisaari proposal as they see independence for Kosovo a violation of Serbia's sovereignty and international law.

Analysts have stated that partition might be the best and most realistic solution for Kosovo rather than straight independence as recommended by Ahtisaari.  Many believe that Ahtisaari's plan is not the most realistic and will be difficult to sustain, including Serbian President Boris Tadic.