Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Rainy Day

It's another dreary rainy day in Kosovo.  Yesterday one of the generators overloaded at Kosovo A power plant and ignited a fire causing system failures.  There were a couple power outages but it has been barely noticeable.
Many of us are wondering what the power situation will be like this winter as it has been forecasted that the winter will be long, cold, and harsh.  I've donated an old generator to a family living in a C-area for the winter as I expect that the people in the villages are going to suffer with just a couple hours of power a day if KEK does not import power from abroad.  Last winter the situation wasn't so bad perhaps due to the mild weather...Gracanica (C-Area) had pretty much constant power during the coldest month, in fact the power situation has been downright spectacular compared to how it used to be in the beginning of the mission!