Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Police use tear-gas to disperse Serb rioters

Yesterday, police and NATO peacekeepers used tear-gas against approximately 150 Serb reservists during a violent protest at the Mutovid checkpoint between Kosovo and Serbia. The protestors were hurling rocks and bottles at the police. The security forces reportedly charged the crowd with riot shields before firing off the tear-gas. It was reported that up to 18 KPS officers were injured in the incident at the border. In a separate protest in North Mitrovica, protestors burned a picture of moderate EU-leaning Serb president Boris Tadic and EU flags.
With all the events in Kosovo, there is a ton of information being published daily. Naturally there is an exponential number of commentaries...as usual, I am posting not because the views presents are similar to my opinion but because I found the article interesting and believe that in order to understand things you need to know all you can about what people think of certain situations :)

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