Thursday, June 12, 2008

1st English Language Newspaper in Independent Kosovo

The new Kosov@ Press went to print this past weekend with its first issue boasting to be the 1st English language newspaper in independent Kosovo.  The 16-page tabloid-print paper features everything from serious politics to culture in both black/white and color.  The weekly paper will cost 1� and appears it will be available on Mondays. You can pick up a free copy at the reception desk of the Grand Hotel downtown :)
In what could only be described as pure criminal stupidity, a junkie attempted a robbery at the Kosovo PM Thaci's home on Saturday morning and was shot.  The known 19 year-old was turned in by his father after being injured and reportedly didn't realize that he was breaking into the Prime Minister's home.  Initial reports of the break-in were that there had been an assassination attempt on Thaci, who wasn't even home at the time, and even that the PM's house had been mortared...that shows you just how accurate Kosovo rumors can be!

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