Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kosovo prisoners go on hunger strike

Approximately 560 prisoners in Kosovo are continuing on their second day of a hunger strike in protest over the Kosovo government's failure to pass a "promised" amnesty law that was due to go into force following independence as well as difficult conditions (thought that was what prison was supposed to be!).

A powerful explosion ripped apart a vehicle belonging to a Serbian KPS officer in northern Kosovo in the early hours of the morning.  An investigation is on-going and no injuries were reported.  On Saturday, a bullet-ridden vehicle and body of a Serbian KPS officer was found in northern Kosovo.  This was the second deadly shooting case in a matter of days in the north.

A Montenegrin was reportedly arrested and insulted by Pristina KPS after being removed from Gebo Club for wearing a hat with his national symbols.  The Albanian KPS officers allegedly questioned the chairman of a Kosovo association for Montenegrins if he supported Ramush or Thaci.  A case is due to be filed against KPS and the club for discrimination and intolerance.

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