Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Competition

Many years of not having a decent English language newspaper there are now two papers being published!  The first I mentioned last week and the other one came out on the 14th called Pristina (Prishtine?) Insight.  It appears that Pristina Insight is backed by BIRN which I have always liked for their investigative pieces and balanced reporting.  As we say, a little competition is never a bad thing and it's great to have some quality reporting in English, not just a rehash of translated text from local papers!

It was pointed out to me that while I mentioned Tokyo Restaurant in the blog I didn't have the information in the Restaurant listing so I've updated with some of my favorite menu items and will work on expanding the information next week for both Tokyo and a new restaurant I've recently discovered (I've been driving by for some time but never actually went in!)  There also is an excellent wine bar and Bistro (Pacific Rim Bistro & Wine Bar, 47 Ismail Qemali Street) in Dragodan just down the street from me (I'm thinking just as dangerous as Pinocchio but at least a little more of a walk!)  The menu is diverse with a mixture of Asian, Mexican, and American favorites.  The wine menu is huge and they have many good selections.  They also seem to have a large selection of different beers from local to imports.  I can quickly see Pacific Rim jumping to the top of my favorites!

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