Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UN Begins Re-Configuration

The new SRSG, Italian diplomat Lamberto Zannier, of UNMIK announced last week that the mission will begin reconfiguration and transition of the police and justice to the EULEX mission under the umbrella of the UN.  The Security Council has not ruled on changing the mission's mandate as outlined in Security Council Resolution 1244.  Serbia warned UN Secretary-General against any reconfiguration of the mission without the approval of the Security Council and Serbia.
I will be heading home to the US for a couple weeks on Friday but as I normally can't live without the internet for very long, you can count on a couple updates while I'm away :)  Smokey will be going back to the "doggy prison" as I call it and staying at the Kosovo Dog Shelter near the airport.  Volunteer vets Petra & Toni are again visiting for the summer so watch out for charity events to support the shelter and their efforts!

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