Friday, September 11, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Rumor has it that at 1700 hours today, the protocol between EULEX and Serbia on the sharing of information for cross-border organized crime is expected to be signed.  Vetevendosje reportedly has organized massive street demonstrations with several other groups.  There is speculation and rumor that Vetevendosje plans on reacting violently and will burn EULEX vehicles on the streets.  So far today has been very quiet and feels just like the calm before the storm.

I have to say thanks to Sam and the crew from UNDP for organizing a fantastic quiz night at 91 last Sunday.  They managed to raise more than 250 Euros to benefit the animal shelter.  The next quiz is tentatively scheduled for 20 September.  The quiz questions are quite broad and well done so I would encourage everyone to come out and give a Euro (just one Euro!) to participate in the quiz.  There was a bottle of whiskey and a few gift certificates up for grabs in this last quiz.

One of the companies that was offering gift certificates is a new company called Divine Cleaning Service.  I’ve been seeing brochures around and checked out their website which has a lot of information about their services.  I’m very interested in their pet service which according to their office manger (who speaks excellent English!) means that I get to leave Smokey at home and someone will come every day to feed and walk him while I’m on vacation.  I plan on using the service while I am gone on my next holiday which is from 20-27 September (and unfortunately for you dear readers, I’ll be on a cruise ship so I probably will not be offering many updates during that week!)  But back to the pet service, I’ll report back on how Smokey fared and what the service is like when I get back!

It is always nice to stumble across a non-political article about Kosovo.  One of the reasons for initially starting this blog was to help my family understand a little better what it was like to live here and that yes, there was public transportation and I was not riding a horse to work :)   Sofia Echo recently published an article called “Kosovo: A Curious Attraction” that gives a nice overview of Kosovo from a foreigner’s perspective.

It appears that EULEX won the legal battle against whoever put up the fake EULEX website as the hosting account is suspended this week.  Had I been a little bit smarter and faster, I should have taken some screenshots of the pages because as I said, someone put quite a bit of work into the site!  Luckily I was able to find a cache of parts of the site.  To give everyone an idea what the site said, here’s an excerpt from the Fun Facts:  “Peter Feith is the ultimate authority in deciding what the Ahtisaari plan (and in a sense the Kosovo constitution) means. So if King Peter, after getting drunk or getting hit by a bus, decides that the plan makes Kosovo part of Japan, it is so decided…“  And one of the links that stated “Harvested Serbian livers and kidneys for sale.  Shop EULEX Smart: Croats sell them for a 10% discount!  Livers are Going Very Fast; Reserve Yours!

It has been suggested a couple of times that I slightly change my blog from it’s current format into a standardized blog which I may be doing soon.  So pardon any mess that may occur over the next weeks as I begin transitioning the pages :)