Friday, November 26, 2010

Done Re-Posting Historical Posts!

Whew, it took awhile but I am officially finished posting all my historical posts dating back to 2002!!!  I'd like to welcome any new visitors to the blog and hope that I can continue updating on a regular basis!!!  As I said a few days ago, with the upcoming elections and talks with Serbia...these are exciting times for Kosovo and the future is wide open!!!  Now that the historical posts are done, I will be adding my Kosovo Photo Albums to share :)

A representative from Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will be conducting a fact-finding mission in Kosovo at the end of November.  The focus will be on the political situation and the positions of the communities in Kosovo (if you remember, Serbia is encouraging all Serbs to boycott the election in December). 

The results of the vote in Rahovac has been certified by the Election Commission.  As a result of the AAK complaint about missing votes, a re-count was held and the results corrected to show LDK and AAK leading in the number of votes with PDK in third place.  A run-off election between LDK and AAK will be held now in the coming weeks.

More than 150 election experts from Europe have arrived in Kosovo to monitor both the campaign and voting process for the 12 December snap elections.  In other election news, LDK head Isa Mustafa has joined in criticism of Acting Kosovo President Jakup Krasniqi regarding Krasniqi's involvement in campaigning for PDK while holding office.  Mustafa has stated that Krasniqi is breaching the Kosovo constitution and called for PM Haschim Thaci's resignation in wake of the Rahovac election.  Also in the news, AAK has announced that they expect leader Ramush Haradinaj to return to Kosovo before the selection of the post of Prime Minister.  Haradinaj is currently awaiting retrial in the Hague for war crimes although he was previously acquitted of the same charges.  It was added that AAK expects the Haradinaj trial to be concluded by March if not earlier.

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