Friday, February 3, 2012

KEK in State of Emergency

With a week of below 0 temperatures (both C and F!) and last week's heavy snow, KEK has declared a state of emergency and put their crews on 24 hour standby as electricity supplies wane.  In addition to problems producing enough electricity due to the weather, KEK is struggling against restrictions on imports imposed by Serbia.

Last night, with one phase of power to the house completely off, we had two hours of power and then two-three hours without power.  Thankfully with well insulated walls, the temperature didn't dip too far but there was a chill to the air in our house.  This morning KEK has been out with a crane truck in our neighborhood, hopefully to fix the problem with the one phase that is out (if I remember correctly, there are three different phases of power.  How the house is built depends on which phases the house uses, one, two, or all three).