Friday, February 3, 2012

Klecka Trial Resumes

After a break for the holidays, the Klecka war crimes trial started again this past Monday with much of the focus on former Transport Minister, Fatmir Limaj.  His defense team has raised issues about former judge, now lead prosecutor in the case, Maurizio Salustro, who is accused of threatening the prosecution's star witness known as "Witness X" who committed suicide last September in Germany.  The defense has also requested that Salustro be removed from the case.  EULEX today denied both requests stating that there was no legal basis for Salustro's removal and backing Salustro's statement that his status as an international staff member gives him immunity against prosecution (I'm no lawyer but it seems to me that prosecution and being called as a witness are two different things! As Limaj's lawyer points out, yes immunity from prosecution but not from questioning)
In an article on the progress of EULEX, which claims to be doing just fine, the EUobserver notes that the problem of organized crime continues to dog EULEX with no major "players" ever being indicted four years after the mission announced operational capacity.

The International Civilian Office (ICO) has appointed a new head of office, Samuel Zbogar, to replace Peter Feith.  Zbogar will continue to act as the Slovenian Foreign Minister as well as being the EU High Representative in Kosovo.  In an interview, Zbogar sees the greatest challenge to be the relations between Albanian and Serbian communities and states that the tensions in the north are of the highest priority.

It has been a while but here are some of MTCowgirl's Interesting News Articles/Commentary on Kosovo!  As usual, the disclaimer is that these articles do not necessarily reflect personal opinion but pose an interesting viewpoint on Kosovo.