Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Criminal Animals

Today an elderly Serbian couple (ages 71 and 73) was attacked by assistants who beat and stabbed them in an apparent ethnically motivated attack.  The couple, Mr. & Mrs. Vucic, were attacked outside their home about 50kms outside Pristina.  They were taken to the hospital in Mitrovica where they were treated for broken bones and stab wounds.  One is still in critical condition and the other is recovering.  All I can think is what kind of criminal animal would attack an elderly couple in such a brutal manner and for what reason?
While it has been recognized that progress is being made in minority rights and freedom of movement, this establishment of order seems to be bothersome to some groups.  Attacks on minorities have increased to almost one per day in recent weeks.  These groups do not seem to want an independent, democratic, or orderly Kosovo.  They are probably relishing in the criminal freedom of an interim administration and some incompetence on the part of the local government to realize the grave threat the groups pose to the democratic process.