Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hell in a Handbasket

1030 CET:  Security has informed us that KFOR will be making a series of controlled explosions in the vicinity of this morning's incident.  I suppose that means that they found more bombs.  Reports are that the first explosion came from a garbage dumpster while Rugova's vehicle was passing.
0820 CET:  An explosion broke the morning commute today near King Casino in Pristina.  The target appears to be President Rugova whose vehicle was damaged in the explosion.  Fortunately no one was injured but windows in nearby buildings were blown out.  The EU Foreign Policy Advisor, Javier Solano, arrived yesterday and Rugova was on his way for a meeting with him.  Details are sketchy right now but as more emerges I'll post more.

There was no demonstration in Pristina yesterday but a village of Serbs did protest the power situation by walking to Obilic.  Lately the power is being cutoff to Serbian areas (although Kosovo Electric Company-KEK says that it is not them just the equipment) and KEK is stating that they will not repair the problems until the bills are paid.  Of course, I have a problem with that statement because I have never received a power bill for the past three and half years I've been in my flat.  I wouldn't mind paying if they sent me a bill :-P  I've heard that rather than punish individuals, KEK collectively punishes the people living in apartment blocks or villages by leaving the power off until 75-80% of the inhabitants pay their bills.

I emailed some of my friends and family this morning as the news of this morning's incident will no doubt reach the news in the US.  I called home when Haradinaj was arrested too just to assure my folks that I was doing okay.  One of the worst parts of being in the mission is having loved ones worry about me and whether I am safe when things happen.  I do remember though in March when I called dad to tell him everything was okay and he asked "is something going on?" *hehe*  I guess sometimes things that are big here aren't so important in the rest of the world.  But trying to blow up the President is fairly big so I'm sure it'll be in the news :-P