Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Accommodations!

I have completed my move from Gracanica to Pristina this weekend. I'm very happy with my new flat.  It is so comfortable with the exception of the German Shepard from across the street that likes to bark at night.  Smokey is being very well behaved and only barking every once in awhile in response.  He has also been allowing the neighborhood children to pet him...usually not paying much attention to them as he looks to mark every rock, electric pole, bush, and tall weed as his :)  I first brought him over on Friday when the moving truck brought the furniture over.  I think the move was a little traumatizing as he followed me everywhere (including the toilet) during the course of the weekend.
I hooked up to the internet last night so I'll be online from home now.  I'm thrilled because I also have cable TV so I can watch the music channels (I get MTV in German!) and download songs if I like them from iTunes :)  The landlord will be getting his money out the connection with me living in the flat!  *hehe*