Friday, September 22, 2006

Smokey Goes to the Kennel

Smokey was off to the Kosovo Shelter today for a short stay while I am vacationing in Thailand.  Conveniently located near the airport, the shelter is boarding Smokey for a mere 5 Euros a day in a large outside kennel. 
Smokey has adjusted well to life in Dragodan.  The neighborhood kids are torn between being terrified and curious about my over-friendly and still a bit wild monster-mutt.  Some of the kids will come up when I am out walking him and give him a quick pat before running off squealing.  I guess it is good for both Smokey and the kids...Smokey gets used to more people than just me and the kids realize that not all dogs are vicious.  Although I do have to confess to a certain amount of amusement at the adults of the neighborhood, particularly the gangsta-wannabes and the security guards of the surrounding liaison offices.  Many of the adults will either cross the road or make a wide berth around us when I am out walking Smokey.  Earlier this week I shocked one Balkan Security guard to a standstill when an oncoming car forced us to go around a parked vehicle at the same time...the guy literally froze in place until we passed.