Saturday, September 30, 2006

Internet Companies Compete!

The two big internet companies are competing hard for providing broadband internet service in the home for the many internationals that are interested.  For just under 10 Euros a month, both IPKO and Kujtesa are offering broadband internet service with VOIP, game servers, and cable TV. 
For around 25 Euros a month you can get a 1MBps connection with no download/upload limit and 50 channels of cable TV.  Someone like me that spends a lot of time downloading music will find the speed of this connection is the most acceptable.  With the standard level 256KBps connection that both Kujtesa & IPKO offer the connection is just too slow...and I have had continous problems with my connection cutting off with the new landlord's Kujtesa line.  I have requested him to switch to IPKO and upgrade tot he 1MBps line with me paying the difference in cost.

Also another good feature of IPKO's service is that there is no monthly fee.  You purchase refill cards just like for prepaid mobile phones and recharge your internet connection.  If you need more or less internet during a month, you can purchase the cards you need.  Or say you are going on vacation for a simply just recharge when you get back and don't pay while you are away!  Quite simple and cost-effective!