Friday, October 20, 2006

Long, cold winter coming!

It is going to be a long cold winter in Kosovo.  KEK started implementing a new power schedule based on the ABC system where A-areas have 4:2 (that's 4 on, 2 off), B-areas have 2:4, and C-areas have a measly 1:5!  With the temperatures still decent during the daytime and only dropping down into the 40� degree range at night, I can only imagine what the power situation will be like when the weather really takes a plunge next month! 
For those still living in Gracanica, I really feel sorry.  If you calculate it, 1:5 means that you have a total of four hours of power each day.  It's hard to imagine how one could live like that...but been there, done that, got out!

You can always check the power situation on the KEK website if you are wondering what your schedule will be or how much power is being generated...or even how badly the power plant needs repair (only two of the generators in Kosovo are currently working!)