Monday, October 30, 2006

Serbia Votes

The results are out on the referendum in Serbia that amended the constitution to include a portion declaring that Kosovo is an integral part of the country.  Kosovo PM Ceku is still saying that the constitutional amendment has no impact on the status negotiations but then he also thinks that the status would be resolved by the end of the year :)  The comment that the referendum "deserves no comment from us" shows a bit of the mindset of the people who are "negotiating" the status.  I wonder, if a referendum in Serbia deserves no comment and has no impact, would a referendum in Kosovo have the same type of response?

Following the conclusion of voting in Kosovo, there was a small celebration with about 1000 Serbs in north Mitrovica.  Approximately 150 Albanians gathered on the other side of the famous bridge which is still closed to all non-official traffic.

There was a reprint of an interesting article in the National Ledger comparing Bush's problems in Iraq to the Clinton-era and Kosovo.  A worthwhile read that shows that maybe there isn't such a big difference between Republican and Democratic administrations when it comes to foreign policy :)