Monday, October 16, 2006

Nothing New...Except Nicole!

There is nothing much new going on in Kosovo.  There is still all the chatter about resolving the status by the end of the year.  The Kosovo PM Ceku is calling for an imposed solution if negotiations do not bring results by the end of the year.  Serbia is to hold elections on revising their constitution to include a phrase that states something to the effect of "Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia" which means that the UN would not be able to impose a solution as the organization cannot make any decisions that would violate the constitution of one of its member states.  It all makes for a messy situation, Albanians demanding nothing short of independence and Serbia insisting that there is only autonomy. 
The thing that has been making the news of late about Kosovo is a short visit by actress Nicole Kidman who is an UN goodwill ambassador for UNIFEM which focuses on women's rights around the world and in conflict areas.  Kidman met with local women, both Albanian and Serb, and heard how women are victimized in war and when they seek justice.