Sunday, December 3, 2006


I have been violated!!!  No, don't go was only my house :o)  It is hard to explain but Western culture and Kosovo culture often clash.  Sometimes things happen that just take you by surprise because it just would never occur to you to do something like it.  Anyways, a couple weeks after I moved into my new flat in Dragodan, the landlord asked if his family could borrow the washing machine because theirs had broken.  Naturally I agreed, thinking that they would have theirs fixed in a week or so.  Nope, three months later the family is still using the washing machine in my place and now that the weather has turned cold, they have started to drape their pants, blankets, socks, and whatever else on the banister of my stairs. 
Then the central heating.  When I moved in, the rental agency guy joked that because my landlord installs central heating systems in houses, I was going to have the warmest house in all of Kosovo.  Yeah, right!  With temperatures dropping down to freezing at night, my landlord still hasn't turned on the heating.  I've asked him three times already when he was going to turn it on and each time I got the reply "in a couple of days".  Now I can't trust anything the guy says because evidently he was just blatantly lying to me over the past month and half as to when he was going to turn on the heating.  He also has promised all sorts of repairs to the flat that will be done over the weekends...but none have been started, let alone finished!

But that's not what I feel the most violated, this was a serious violation...the worst kind of violation that you could do to a computer person.  Sometime over the weekend while I was out shopping, one of the family came into my flat and used my computer without permission.  Now they didn't tell me that they had to use my computer, I found out myself when I went to go check my mail and discovered someone else's account on my computer.  Livid is the best description I can come up with as to how I felt at the moment.  Of course, the first thing I did was password protect my account so that if I go idle, it requires a password to get back into the system.  It is seriously beyond my belief that the family is comfortable walking into my flat and using my things!  Invasion of privacy in my book!!!