Monday, December 11, 2006

Current President Elected Head of Party

President Fatmir Sejdiu was elected to head the LDK party, founded by late president Ibrahim Rugova.  According to governmental rules, Sejdiu cannot continue serving in both positions as party leader and president.  He must either decline the leadership position in LDK or resign as president. 
Meanwhile, reports are flowing in about armed men in black uniforms and masks operating illegal vehicle checkpoints in Kosovo.  The group was involved in a shootout last week with KPS officers and later identified themselves as the banned terrorist group Albanian National Army (ANA - English, ASKH in Albanian).  The UN identified ANA as a terrorist group in 2003.  Albanian politicians, such as former guerilla leader, PM Agim Ceku is condemning the group's actions and calling them "damaging" to the image and security of Kosovo.  NATO also acknowledged the group's existence and checkpoints but stated that incidents should not be blown out of proportion...whatever that means!  After the shootout with KPS, police returned to the scene and recovered ammunition and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.