Thursday, December 28, 2006

Status Decision Due in Spring 2007

Of course,it is no suprise now that the status decision has been delayed until 2007. However, the decision may not come as quickly as the Kosovo Albanians hope. The elections in Serbia are scheduled for January 21st and only after the elections are held will Ahtisaari reveal his proposal for the fate of Kosovo. Following that proposal to the UN Security Council, the Council itself must decide what action to take. Does the SC tell Serbia that they must give up Kosovo, a territority that they claim is an integral part of their country and heritage? Does the SC tell the unweilding Albanian majority in Kosovo that they must respect and remain under Serbian rule? All what if questions are being asked in the Balkans now. What if this, what if that? No one really knows what will happen but whatever does, it will have a huge impact not only on Kosovo but the surrounding countries.
The "radical" party in Serbia that politicians fear will take over the country should the status proposal be presented before the election is now stating that the UN or EU takes the Kosovo territory away from them, they will have no reason to continue negotiating to enter the European Union, especially should Kosovo be part of that union. Kosovo politicians are stating that they will be independent and part of the United Nations next year.