Monday, December 18, 2006

Day from Hell

It has been one of those eternally bad days for me today.  The morning started off with a painful charlie-horse (severe cramp) in my calf.  After spending a few moments groaning in pain, I was up and ready to go. 
Went downtown to have lunch with some friends.  When I got back, my vehicle was clamped by Security who informed me that I had been involved in a hit & run accident.  News to me!  Anyways, looking at the pictures that were taken, it does appear that the tire of my vehicle rubbed against the bumper of a taxi who somehow ended up plowing into a road sign on a median.  What I figure happened is that the guy tried to squeeze past me while I was stopped at a crosswalk and rubbed against my tire, up onto the median because he wouldn't fit...and then looking to blame someone else besides his own stupidity.  I actually didn't realize that anything had happened as there was not impact to my vehicle...those big 4Runners are pretty hardy!  So anyways, accused of a hit & run so the procedure is that Security takes away my driver's license until they do their investigation.  Which means that I'm hard-pressed now to deliver the toys tomorrow to Lipjan for the toy-drive I've been doing for the past several weeks. 

Moving forward...after having the license taken away, I got dropped downtown again after work (since I'm not driving now).  I visited a couple friends and then took a taxi home from the Grand Hotel.  When I was getting out of the taxi, I got an SMS.  As the taxi drove off, I reached into my pocket but lo-and-behold, no mobile.  It must have fallen out of my pocket when I reached in to get the money.  Rush inside to borrow the landlord's phone...son informs me that they don't have one but we can go next door and use the grandfathers.  Great!  A couple minutes have passed since I got out of the taxi...the guy can't be too far!  I ring my phone.  It rings, rings, rings, rings and I get my voicemail.  I decide to walk downtown and see if I can find the guy again.  20 minutes pass and I'm downtown.  I stop by the Kukri/Phoenix to borrow a friend's phone but now I'm not available.  Someone has turned off my phone.  I go up to the Grand but I can't find the guy.  So now, my phone has been taken by some unscrupulous taxi driver.  I would have paid the guy to bring the phone back...he dropped me off right in front of the house so it's not like he didn't know where I live!

Now tomorrow I have to go the PTK to deactivate my old SIM card and have them reissue a new one.  The worst part of losing the phone isn't that I have to buy a new one but the fact that I lost all my friend's telephone numbers!  I'll be sending out an email to everyone to ask them to help me out and send their number to me again!