Thursday, December 6, 2007

ANA Stops Bus Near Podujevo

Approximately 2kms from Podujevo, 10-masked men with AK-47s introducing themselves as Albanian National Army (ANA or AKSH in Albanian) stopped a bus with Serbian plates on its way from Dragash to Belgrade.  The men took the keys from the driver, locked the bus, and told the owner of the bus company not to use the route again.  There were approximately 40 passengers (Albanian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Bosniak, Ashkali) on the bus.  Following the stop, the men escaped into the woods and were not located.  Naturally an investigation is continuing...

The International Crisis Group believes that Kosovo will be granted conditional independence in May 2008 if the United States and EU back the decision decisively.  The group urges the countries to act on the Ahtisaari plan despite opposition from Serbia and Russia.  ICG also believes that the EU can start taking over the mission in early 2008 if the transition is approved by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

Other Kosovo News...
  • Cold War Deja Vu, the LA Times looks at the stand-off between the US and Russia over Kosovo
  • NATO prepares for unrest, articles have been popping up over the past couple of days on how KFOR is preparing for possible unrest in Kosovo following the troika's announcement on 10 December
  • Additionally, countries backing Kosovo independence are seeking a firm pledge from NATO to maintain current level of operations
  • Richard Holbrooke does an interview with Council on Foreign Relations about Kosovo
  • International Community Fails Kosovo, features an article about US foreign policy
  • Serbia maneuvers to block Kosovo Albanians from speaking to UN Security Council
  • Serbia also has launched an ad campaign against Kosovo independence using quotations from world leaders
  • Ethnic Serbs fear independent Kosovo, the Daily Comet takes a look at perceptions in some of the enclaves
  • Best answer for Kosovo is EU membership, Serbia too, says an editorial in the Guardian Unlimited
  • And finally, Kosovo signals the age of the micro-state, analysts believe that countries will become smaller over time