Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kosovo Kristmas

Merry Christmas...or perhaps in Kosovo we should call it Kristmas!  As my aunt coined the phrase, people in Kosovo are celebrating without the "reason for the season".  Despite the recent spate of power outages, buildings are decorated with millions of Kristmas lights (and yes, that annoys MTCowgirl because she wants to have power at night...she thinks people should just turn off the darn lights and conserve the power...okay, they don't take that much but still!).

Okay, so the Albanians aren't celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (seems odd that predominantly Muslims would...of course, I'm not forgetting that there is a small Albanian-Catholic community) but rather they are celebrating the Kommerical Kosovo Kristmas (hey, I like that!)  Kosovo Kommercial Kristmas (a new holiday coined by MTCowgirl) is all about giving presents, decorating with lights, and good ol' Saint Nick (doh, Saint Nick???  Ummm...just have to call him Klaus!)...and good ol' Kosovo Kristmas Klaus!
The recent tradition of kelebrating Kosovo Kommercial Kristmas is a new phenonemom that kicked off a little bit last year but this year it was impossible not to notice the lights, Klauses, and general Kommercial spirit.  Honestly, I will have to go out with my camera and try to get some photos over the holidays...it's pretty wild!

Nothing really new is happening and I don't expect that there will be any significant news besides the normal blah-blah about the status and UDI so if I don't blog again before the New Year, Happy Holidays to everyone!