Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lights Out in Kosovo

Yesterday morning at 0500 hours, Kosovo B1 went down due to a leaky pipes.  Since Kosovo B supplies nearly 40% of Kosovo's electricity and KEK has essentially spent all their allocated import funds during Ramadan, KEK has instituted emergency rationing of the power.  A-areas will most likely have 3:3 and B/C areas will have 2:4 (that's 2 hours with and 4 hours without!)  It is hoped that Kosovo B will be back online the morning of the 14th and regular power will be restored.

The timing of the power plant going down is interesting because in just about ten days when Thaci takes over as Kosovo's new PM as one of his campaign promises there is supposed to be 24/7 power in Kosovo.  Reportedly, some guy who obtained a doctorate from a university somewhere has studied the management of KEK and come up with a plan that will give Kosovo power all the time by making some changes.  The fact of the matter is that the current Kosovo power plants simply cannot produce enough power to supply Kosovo!  Of course, after 8 years I would think that different managers have already tried to change things for the better so I don't know how this new person will manage unless he has ideas for new power imports!