Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Freezing Temperatures and No Power

For the third day in a row, the temperatures are near 10�F.  As a result of the cold, the power situation is very bad in C-areas.  It is also reported that several Serbian villages in central Kosovo have been without power for over 50 hours. In Gracanica, the Serbian enclave where I live, the power has been 1:5 or real definitive schedule,  just off most of the time.  Some say that the power was supposed to be 5:1 everywhere so people can watch Rugova's funeral tomorrow on the TV but we will see.  It's not just the Serb areas that are suffering but many smaller Albanian villages as well that normally are part of the B-area. 

Rugova's funeral is going to be conducted as a state funeral with no religious leanings.  Rugova was a Catholic, confirmed now, but a funeral committee has decided that in order not to upset the Albanian Muslim majority, the funeral will be secular.  Also, Serbia's President Tadic has been told that he is not welcome at the funeral in response to comments he made concerning the duties of Serbia's president to attend the leader of Kosovo's Albanian population while reaffirming that Kosovo still remains part of Serbia.