Sunday, January 15, 2006

Landslide Closes Road to Macedonia

A landslide between the town of Kacanik and the Macedonian border has closed the road for the next several days.  It basically means that the UN staff are stuck in Kosovo until the road is cleared because we normally are not allowed to travel the route into Macedonia through Tetevo, Macedonia's hotspot for trouble.
Oh, and I should mention the trouble with Mobitel!  Mobitel is a mobile phone provider from Serbia.  Until recently, many people were using the service in Kosovo because it was a bit cheaper than the Vala (044) service (or at least that's what they told me when trying to get me to switch!)  Anyways, Mobitel has started to remove their antennas from Kosovo because of some political problems in Serbia.  This means that everyone with 062/3/4 numbers are losing their service.  The reason for this is that  the head of Mobitel supposedly illegally authorized business with a Kosovo Albanian and "threatened national security".  You can read more about at Southeastern European Times or AKI Press