Monday, January 30, 2006


Skiing was a success.  I wasn't a happy camper when the alarm went off at 6am but once we got up to Sera (the name of the mountain isn't really Brezovica!) the sun was shining and all was good.  I'm suffering today with incredibly sore leg muscles so if you see me limping around the compound, that's the reason.  You'll find a couple new pix in my Kosovo photo album from this weekend :)

In other news, the power is still 1:5 (that's one on, five off...wish it was the other way around!)  I read in the news that it was Kosovo-A plant that normally produces 120mw went down and that's the reason the power is so bad.  Luckily the weather is getting warmer so maybe we'll squeeze another hour out of KEK as people turn off their heaters.  People living in Pristina are lucky because they are still being supplied 24/7 power whereas the regions (both Albanian and Serb areas) are suffering with little to no power in extremely cold temperatures.