Monday, January 23, 2006

Snow, Snow, Snow

It's a winter wonderland today.  The temperature is down in the teens (14�F at 1430 hrs) with a wind-chill factor that makes it feel like -4�F!  Brrr!!!  Plus it is snowing and the roads are pretty slick.  I was having fun sliding around in the 4Runner this morning :o)  It's too bad that we don't have snow-days in the UN.  It's the perfect day to sit at home with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the wood stove.  And I have plenty of wood after hauling two meters from Ferizaj yesterday!  Because of Rugova's death, the power seems to be better.  I think that they will keep the power on for most of the mourning period as many of the stores will be closed and people will be at home.

Today the government declared 15 days of national mourning.  Daci, the assuming president, has declared that Thursday to be a non-working day as the funeral will take place.  Until then, Rugova's body is laying in state in the Parliament Building in Pristina.  I came across an interesting article with comments from Serbian politicians on Rugova's passing.