Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Happy Dance

I am doing a happy dance since I returned from Greece Sunday night.  The water in my flat is finally fixed so that I don't scald myself whenever I try to take a shower!  Emin brought a plumber or person calling themselves a plumber over on Friday morning and they drilled into the wall to fix the pressure valve for the cold water.  Oh, so considerately, the plumber and Emin decided not to clean up the mess of drilling into the tile and bricks so the bottom of the bathtub was covered with bits of tile and brick dust when I got home.  I did a little hopping-mad dance for a couple of minutes but am overall happy that the water problem is fixed.  Whatever the water tank guys did when installing the new pipes and tank really messed up the water in my flat.  Then we discovered that the pressure valve was broken.  It has been a trial but I'm glad it's over now!  Now if I could just get the tiles put up, the house would be nice!
The Southeast European Times posted an article about Making Kosovo Sustainable which addresses the problems that Kosovo politicians will face if they are granted independence.  The article discusses how many politicians ignore the economic problems that will come from independence and focus solely on resolving the status...not what comes afterwards.

Another round of talks between Serbian and Albanian negotiators on decentralization began yesterday.  It is reported that the Kosovo Serbian delegation will boycott today's meeting set to focus on minority rights because they contend that as Kosovo is still part of Serbia, Serbians are not a minority.  The Belgrade portion of the Serb negotiation team will attend.  The UN chief envoy has demanded that both sides cooperate but to me it seems like telling two errant children to stop fighting.