Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kosova Airlines Launches Website & Power Cuts

Kosova Airlines has launched a new website that allows the booking of flights with payment via credit card.  The airline offers flights to different destinations in Switzerland and Germany for around 220 Euros round-trip.  During the summer the airline also charters flights to Egypt for travel agency Reisburo Prishtine. 
If you are experiencing problems with Vala 900 mobile phone service take your SIM card out of the phone, rub it for luck, and put it back in :)  Since Monday night a lot of people are complaining about the SMS service.  Messages are sent to other Vala numbers but the message is never received.  The problem seems to be continuing and even services like 551 which returns a message with the credit balance is not working.
The temperature took a plunge yesterday, sharply dropping from the 70-80's down into the 50's.  It seems that summer is officially over and I scrambled through my closet to find a sweater to wear this morning as the temperature was struggling to reach 60�F today.

Along with the dropping temperatures, KEK has taken Kosovo B offline for repairs resulting in more power outages for Gracanica. It is sad but Gracanica will probably be in a C-area for a long time.  KEK does not issue power bills within the limits of Gracanica but expects the citizens to pay for their power bill and have opened an office in downtown Gracanica.  Unlike any other electrical company in the world, KEK expects the citizens to read their own meters and tell the electric company how much power they used and pay for it.  I don't think that would fly in the US but here, why means that KEK doesn't have to hire people to read meters :P