Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Minority Rights Group International Reports on Human/Minority Rights in Kosovo

"Nowhere in Europe is there such segregation as Kosovo. Thousands of people are still displaced and in camps. Nowhere else are there so many 'ethnically pure' towns and villages scattered across such a small province. Nowhere is there such a level of fear for so many minorities that they will be harassed simply for who they are. And perhaps nowhere else in Europe is at such a high risk of ethnic cleansing occurring in the near future - or even a risk of genocide." (MRGI, 2006). 
British-based Minority Rights Group International released a report on the failure of the international community to effectively secure or uphold human and minority rights in Kosovo.  The report explains how UNMIK, KFOR, and other international organizations failed to learn lessons from the past and failed to rely on the expertise of those in the organizations.  The report also discusses how the segregation, discrimination, and intimidation of minorities in Kosovo has become so entrenched in Kosovo that it practically is law.

Meanwhile, the latest round of talks again failed to produce many results.  The Kosovo Serb delegation did boycott the session on minority rights while the Belgrade delegation refused to discuss the issue as minority rights is directly tied to the final status.  The talks proceeded despite the request for postponement by Serbia.