Friday, August 11, 2006

Outbreak of Meningitis Confirmed & New Rumors about Bonita Water

An outbreak of Meningitis was confirmed today.  There are 70 children reportedly sick from the easily transferred illness known as the "kissing disease".  The UN Health Clinic has issued a pamphlet (spelled panphlet in the email *hehe*) about the illness and urged to take precautions.  While a vaccination exists, it is doubtful that many people in the mission have the vaccination unless it was compulsory for living in dorms at universities or likewise.
Also Bonita water is under investigation by the UN Health Clinic for suspected bacterial contamination.  The Kosovo water is rumored to be the source of 30-40 cases of illness at KFOR's Film City camp.  KFOR supposedly conducted a test of the water and found it to be contaminated.  The UN is independently testing before issuing any statements concerning the water.  This is not the first time the water was rumored to be contaminated.  Approximately four years ago, rumors circulated that testing indicated levels of human DNA in the water and an email was issued by the head of the World Health Organization.  The email was later retracted and an apology issued but still many people refuse to drink Bonita.  For me it is a matter of personal taste.  I don't like the way it tastes, or doesn't seems to have been processed so much that there is little to the water besides wetness.  Most of the people in my office like Rosa or Prolom water which is imported from Serbia or Zagori from Greece.