Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Difference of Opinions

I mainly started this site to keep my family and friends up-to-date with what was happening around Kosovo and what it was like for an American to come overseas for the first time and jump head-first into an international working environment.  Now, besides giving personal information about living in Kosovo, I've started posting more links to news sources about the politics of Kosovo in addition to incorporating some guide-like material for some of my favorite restaurants and tips on what you should bring if you are coming on mission for the first time.
Most feedback that I get from the site is from people looking to see what it is like living in Kosovo or seeking advice on bringing visitors/family to Kosovo.  I do get the occasional "hate" email from someone who doesn't like my viewpoints but everyone is entitled to their opinion!  This website represents how I see living in Kosovo and some of my personal experiences in the past five and half years of working/living in the Pristina area. So for those that don't like what is written here, go ahead and email me but don't expect a response as I don't reply or waste my time with rudeness or attacks on my person.  I would be thrilled to hear from those that find the information useful and those that might know a place or two around Kosovo that I may have forgotten :)