Monday, January 15, 2007

The Three Seasons of Kosovo

There are three distinct seasons in Kosovo...ones that probably do not occur anywhere else in the world.  The seasons of Kosovo are dusty, muddy, and frozen.  There is no in between just goes from one to the other.  Currently we are experiencing a long muddy season instead of the normal frozen season (where all the mud and water on the streets turns to ice).  The streets are covered with what I would like to dub as fact I think whoever made the Ghostbusters movies got their inspiration for Slimer by walking on the streets of Pristina :o)  After the muddy season, everything will dry out and we will enter the dusty season.  During this season there is no escaping the debris and dust that seems to constantly cover the streets of Kosovo.  No matter how many times the street sweepers (actually people not machines!) come by and pile up the dirt on the roads the roads are forever covered in a fine film of dust.  There's nothing you can do about's just a way of life :)  In Kosovo those mud streaks up the back of your pants aren't an embarrassment, it's a fashion statement declaring "I walked outside today!  What did you do?"  Embrace it! Live it! Kosovo's Three Seasons! (I'm in a goofy mood today, can you tell?!)
I've added some new Kosovo photos to my album in the "Only in Kosovo" and "General" sections :)  For other pictures from around Kosovo, visit my pal's website Kosovo in Pictures.