Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ticking Time Bomb?

One might wonder if they are sitting on a ticking time bomb in Kosovo.  The Finish Helsingin Samonat reports that impatience is growing in Kosovo and local residents who are interviewed seem upset both at local politicians and the UN.  The Vetevendosje group has set up some sort of effigy of Martii Ahtisaari (I believe by the government building...will try to visit and photograph!) and is preparing to demonstrate, possibly tossing rocks, at UN and government buildings.  The goal of the "Self-Determination" group is to prevent employees from doing their work.  While a spokesperson does say that they are not looking to harm anyone, with flying rocks and windows being smashed, it is likely that someone either innocent employee or demonstrator may be injured.  Additionally, Albin Kurti, leader of the Self-Determination group, is quoted as saying that he expects more bloodshed in Kosovo following the release of Ahtisaari's proposal.
The NGO Mercy Corps says that Kosovo's Future is looking bright but cautions that the status agreement must be implemented correctly or we risk the chance of returning to instability.

Meanwhile, countries from Russia to Finland are asking the question of what does Kosovo's independence mean to us?  In Finland, the question is of the independent Aland Islands...will their status need to be looked at again?  In the former Soviet Union, there are many break-away provinces and the issue of Chechnya (which Russia thinks is different than the others, meaning they support the breakup of other countries but not Russia.).