Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Awesome Storm!

Last night we had an awesome lightning and thunderstorm.  The TV channels are still out this morning and one of my colleagues lost a window out of his door due to the high winds.  The sky was like a disco around 2230 yesterday with continuous flashes of light and the low rumbling of thunder.  Smokey seemed to be okay other than trying to crawl on top of me in the bed and then proceeding to go hide under a small bedside table next to me.  I managed to fall asleep around 2330 but woke up several times in the middle of the night to large booms of thunder.
MTCowgirl's Kosovo Update...
Five people were arrested yesterday in a suspected human trafficking ring in Malisevo and Ferizaj.  Weapons as well as fake documents were seized in the raid.  A considerable amount of tritol explosives and a mobile phone detonator were also found.

The EU is looking into the possibility of replacing the UN in Kosovo without a resolution.  Despite some EU officials stating that the UN resolution is "vital" to the creation of the EU mission in Kosovo, some believe that the EU may create a mission without a resolution on the status.

An editorial called "Perhaps it's just best we let bad nations be bad" takes a look at Kosovo Albanian's bid for independence, the NATO bombing, and the politics of the UN.