Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where's Bush's Timex???

I'm not sure if it was a joke but a while back there was an email circulating of a supposed survey of the different watches the leaders of the world wore.  Russia's Putin wore a $40,000 watch...most of the watches were quite expensive until you got down to US President Bush and you saw that he wears a $20-30 Timex.  Anyways, rumors and mystery surround Bush's visit to Albania when a video emerged of the supposed theft of Bush's timepiece.  While Bush is shaking hands, his watch disappears.  The White House denies that the watch was stolen but's quite interesting and those of us in Kosovo wouldn't put it past someone to cheekily slip the watch off a dignitary's wrist ;o)
Meanwhile, Serbian politicians have lashed out at the US policy towards Kosovo stating the the US needs to find another way to express its love of Albanians besides giving away Serbian territory.  Ouch, but well said!  Serbia also has welcomed the resumption of EU accession talks but has linked what the EU contends are two separate issues, Kosovo and Serbia's EU status.

The competition for Kosovo's national symbol is now underway.  Kosovar and foreign entrants have until June 27th to submit their ideas that incorporate the multi-ethnic makeup of Kosovo and create a symbol that "must not utilize the representation of any eagle symbol, particularly with regard to such depictions in the symbols of other states, and must not exclusively use a red and black color scheme, or a red, white and blue color scheme."  The winner of the contest will receive 10,000 Euros with second and third prize receiving generous prizes as well