Monday, June 18, 2007

Four More Months of Negotiations?

Will there be four more months of negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade?  News has emerged that the Western nations have drafted a resolution that suggests another 120-days of talks between the two sides.  The resolution is expected to be sent to Russia today and will be formally introduced mid-week in the UN.  Several diplomats visited Kosovo over the weekend.  US envoy, Frank Wisner, urged Kosovo politicians and citizens to be patient and wait for the UN to adopt a resolution stating that the resolution would "set the state for recognition and will open the door for your acceptance into NATO and the EU".  Wisner met with both the Kosovo President and PM.

Meanwhile, Albanians in Presevo have rallied over the weekend and demanded the succession of three areas of southern Serbia in an effort to join Kosovo.  Approximately 500 people attended the rally.

The UK is investigating Albanians who say they fled fighting in Kosovo but may have actually been from neighboring Albania.  The Home Office requested that the immigrants surrender their passports while their asylum claims are verified.