Friday, June 1, 2007

Weekend Events!!!

Dj Vegas is returning to the Phoenix Bar on Friday to mix up the best of the hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, electronica/dance, and maybe even a bit of country music for my fellow Americans (if you show up!!!)  It may turn into a regular event and I'll keep you posted :)

On Saturday, the SRC Sports Committee is having a Beach Volleyball Tournament followed by a FREE (yup, F-R-E-E!) BBQ.  There are currently 14 teams registered for the tournament with room for 2 more so get your forms in now if you want to play this weekend!!!  The BBQ will begin at 1600 hours and includes everything from food to beer & sangria :)

In Kosovo news, Russia has rejected the joint US-EU resolution put forth in the Security Council.  The resolution introduced by the UK makes some concessions to Russia such as creating a special representative to look over minority returns while continuing to support Ahtisaari's proposal for supervised independence.  However Russia insists that the Security Council must find a solution that is mutually agreed upon and so far Belgrade has rejected Ahtisaari's plan.  It was hoped that a vote would take place this week however now it seems unlikely that there will be any voting before a G8 summit that ends the 8th of June.

Eight people were arrested in an organized crime investigation into business dealings of the Private Bank for Business (BPB) in Kosovo.  One of the eight was identified as the former chairperson of the Board of Directors.  Some of the others were also members of the Board of Directors.  The eight will face possible charges of misusing authorizations and funds.  The individuals are thought to have cost the bank more than 10 million euros in business deals designed for self-profit.  The bank's new management is thought to have insisted on the investigation when the Kosovo Central Bank found irregularities in August 2006. 
In a rather interesting article, Serbia is accusing the West of ethnic cleansing of the Kosovo-Serb population by offering immigration visas to those living in enclaves.  Serb representatives state that NGOs have been touring enclaves and luring away young Serbs by promising and delivering quick immigrant visas to European countries.  According to one Serb rep, in the past year 300 Serb couples have been granted immigrant visas to northern European countries. 

Today is International Children's Day.  I recall stumbling upon a celebration a couple years ago on Mother Theresa Street and being able to capture some of Kosovo's children performing traditional dances in full dress.  It was quite enjoyable and I wonder if there might be another street party.  Unfortunately I haven't seen any advertising...only a brief article on how OSCE is supporting the day.

Yesterday, the Kosovo government announced a two-week contest for the design of a new state symbol, required by the Ahtisaari proposal.  The new symbol must reflect the multi-ethnic nature of Kosovo according to the proposal.  The contest will begin 4 June.  In the meantime, it has been decided that Kosovo will issue passports without a crest but the words "Republic of Kosovo".