Friday, June 8, 2007

Kosovo To Run Out of Water In 3 Months

Reports are flowing *har-har* in that Kosovo is going to run out of water in September 2007 unless there is a significant change in the weather and usage habits.  Municipal authorities have stated that the water reservoirs are significantly lower than normal and that water rationing will begin in September with only hospitals and emergency services being provided water.  With that said, when I was out walking Smokey last night at least three of my neighbors were outside with water hoses washing off their sidewalks and the street in front of their homes.  It seems that the local population just doesn't concern itself with the fact that supplies are running short and they will be without water in a couple of months.  The UN could also start cutting down on its water consumption by stopping the washing of the compound parking lots.  Let it be dusty and let there be water at the end of the summer, I say!
Today's MTCowgirl's Kosovo Update!!!
France has proposed that the Security Council delay voting on the Kosovo resolution for six months and allow Pristina and Belgrade to work out a solution.  If no solution is worked out, then the SC can vote on the resolution.  This proposal has not made Kosovo PM Agim Ceku happy and he has warned the West not to "betray" the trust of the Albanians.

Meanwhile, Kosovo negotiatior Veton Surroi says that the SC should vote on the Kosovo resolution Russian veto or not.  Surroi believes that Kosovo will make a move to unilaterally declare independence if the vote is delayed because the Albanian government has "two obligations towards Kosovo citizens - the process of independence, and the partnership with the international community".  While the US has indicated that it will recognize Kosovo should it declare independence, the EU would likely be split.  The Economist briefly looks at how a delay in voting may pan out.

BIRN features an article calling Albanians to show their support for the Ahtisaari plan through peaceful means.  The author warns that unless the government organizes the people to support the plan people like Albin Kurti will mobilize...and create problems that could adversely affect Kosovo's independence bid.